Exning Community Church Hall


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Regular Users

.....is an opportunity to share music in this area.

 It is a project that has developed into a range of opportunities for people to share and perform music together.

Holds its monthly meetings in ECCH


The Hall is used regularly by a number of activities. Click on the item to find out more..

All these groups would welcome new members Please feel free to get in touch with the organiser.

The hall is used by local Youth Group "Rock On/Rock Solid."

For "Youth Alpha" they met for a meal followed by presentations/discussions in the Gibson Room.

Tai Chi for your health

Tai Chi is a complete whole-body exercise, and can be practiced anywhere, anytime, with no need for special gear or a change of clothing.

Practiced by millions of people over the centuries, Tai Chi has been proven helpful to the health of the body.

Village Cinema was a new venture in 2011 where excellent films are shown each month

Under Revision

 It starts with breakfast from 9am with worship, stories, activities etc from 9.30am. Music by Soundbites Band

Soundbites is a new form of worship which meets in ECCH
on the 4th Sunday each month

Tuesdays at 11am

Le Club Fracais