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How to play a CD

This guide shows “How to play a CD”. It assumes you have knowledge of CD/DVD players in general
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Turn on Booth Power

booth switch w.jpg

1 Go to the right hand side of the stage

2 Push down the switch marked "Stage........"

3 Switch on power above the booth

Turn on Sound System

booth lid w.jpg

amp w.jpg

mixer w.jpg

4 Open booth lid and secure against wall

5 Switch on amplifier

6 Switch on mixer
(ensure all slide controls are at 0)

7 Turn on CD/DVD player

8 Turn on the HDMI switch

9 Use the HDMI Remote to select channel 1 by pressing the "1" button or pressing "M" until 1 selected.

10 Control volume using slides "7" and "master" and/or from your laptop controls

Use the CD/DVD remote to play the CD

At the end of your session carry out the following as applicable, depending on what you have used:

  • Set all mixer slides to zero (10)
  • Switch off specific equipment used:  e.g. CD/DVD Player (7) and  HDMI switch (8);
  • Switch off: mixer (6) amplifier (5);
  • Return remotes to their containers (for CD/DVD, HDMI switch)
  • Close Booth lid (4) Turn off Booth Power above booth (3) and on stage (2).
booth power w.jpgPower Switches w.jpghdmi switch w.jpghdmi front w.jpghdmi mixer w.jpgDVD w.jpghdmi remote dvd c.jpgDVD remote w.jpg